Types of Sea Salt

Australian Pink Sea Flakes

Sea salt is made in every continent, even the one down under. Australia, for example, brings us pink salt.

Black Sea Salt from Cyprus

This salt is taken directly from the Mediterranean before being dried in ancient lava beds, whose charcoal provides the mineral content and colour of the black flakes.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Moving a little farther east, Pakistan provides us with Himalayan sea salt.

More Varieties of Salt!

Table Salt

Table salt is the most common. It is harvested from salt deposits, found underground. It's highly refined and finely ground, with impurities and trace minerals removed in the process.

Kosher Salt

Koshering salt (or kosher salt, in the U.S.) is flakier and more coarser-grained than regular table salt. Its large grain size makes it perfect for sprinkling on top of meat, where it releases a surprising blast of flavour. Kosher salt also dissolves quickly, making it a perfect all-purpose cooking salt.

Smoked Salt

Slow-smoked up to two weeks over a wood fire (usually hickory, mesquite, apple, oak or alder wood), this salt adds an intense flavour to dishes.

How is Salt Extracted from the Sea?

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Our super clean sea salt is collected from the Atlantic by hand. The aim of our enterprise is to support and preserve the traditional methods of the industry which result in the production of exceptional sea salt.

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